The magic of high vibrational, vegan, living food

Hello and welcome to my website!
I’m Giulia, italian raw & vegan chef and instructor based in Berlin, and I would like to introduce you to the magic of vegan food!

Plant based food is much more than salad and fruit. Mother Nature gives us all the best ingredients we may need to create, invent, discover and dare the most conceivable and astonishing combinations, to amaze and be amazed. And when we chose to use these wonderful gifts without cooking then, then it’s really like to bring the Nature onto the plate: unprocessed, living, vibrating, full of colors, using old techniques as fermentation, sprouting and dehydration, never heating over 42°C

Vegan Food can be easy and affordable as well: you eat less and have more energy, believe me! Just try my recipes for every moment of your day! And if you want to learn more and be yourself a vegan chef, you can come to my workshops, book a one-to-one class or host a private dinner at your place.

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