May 102019

Fundraising campaign for a horse sanctuary in Mexico

Today I would like to tell you about a wonderful project, a horse sanctuary in Mexico.

Beate, Maeva, and Lori are women passionate about helping horses and creating a better life for them. There is a lot of animal and horse abuse happening in the Yucatan, and no sanctuaries to provide help. There is only one other non profit organization in all of Mexico taking care of horses in need. The urgency is high to not only create a place of refuge but also an educational centre.

The vision of these awesome women is to build community and bridge cultures to create awareness and change.

They are not only helping the horses to thrive again and to live in liberty, but they are working together with the Mayan village nearby. By sharing knowledge that has been passed down for centuries, they take care of the land together, including reforestation and permaculture. 

The centre will support itself by giving classes to children and adults, providing programs and retreats where you can also learn about permaculture, embracing the Mayan language and traditions, like crafts, dances, and story telling.

“What we have already – say Beate, Maeve and Lori – are 4 horses, soon to be 6, rescued, and being boarded out at this time. 6 hectares/15 acres of land, where we planted a variety of fruit and native trees. We renovated an 80 year old house as the heart of the centre, built a separate kitchen, and started to create traditional, Mayan round houses to host visitors”.

But to realize this dream, they are in immediate need of horse facilities: an open concept barn, corrals, an activity trail and arena. Ongoing maintenance, health care, and food for the horses, as well as solar and wind systems to provide water and energy.

If you would like to know more about the project and be part of this beautiful vision, providing shelter, healing, and refuge for those in need, you can support their fundraising campaign you find here.

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