Private courses: Customized workshops based on topics upon request. If you cannot attend one of my classes or have special requirements, I can come to you and show how to realize awesome raw recipes, either one-to-one or in groups. Soon also online!

Personal chef: Book me! As a personal chef, I offer multi-course plant based dinners (raw and cooked vegan as well) prepared in your own kitchen, paired with wine and other special drinks like home made kombucha, sodas and original concotions. Dining with a private chef is more than a „mobile restaurant“ at home, it’s an occasion to learn about food and the way to prepare it, sharing a creative experience with the guests as well.

Food Consulting: Menu creation is a balancing act where items must be tasty, driving customers loyalty and of course profitable. Menu development includes many services: costs/pricing, vendor selection, recipes preparation and plating, HACCP recommendations, plateware and glassware selection, nutritional analysis (calorie labeling and allergen), take-out packaging advices, wine and drink pairing.

Vegan catering: Let’s cater! Raw, plant based, healthy, creative and made with Love.
I offer a wide range of tasty creations, providing you also with organic wine and original fizzy drinks, kombucha and different sodas, all homemade. Pizza party or gourmet dinner? No limits! For your birthday party, staff lunches, business or private events, family and friends gatherings, special occasions, I can plan the best menu to ensure your event is a success.
Should you desire a customized menu for your event, I will be happy to find the best solution for you. We will work together to create a menu that fits your taste, budget and style.